"To go beyond"| “A success in an examination”| “To move past someone or something that is moving more slowly or in same direction”| “A means by which a barrier may be passed or access to a place may be gained”| “To go from one quality, state or form to another”| “To render a decision or verdict or opinion”| “To go from the control, ownership or possession of one person/group to another”| “To serve as a medium of exchange”| “Move or caused to move in a specified direction”| “To identify oneself or be identified as something”| “To keep possession of the ball between players and to advance up the field.”| “When a player kicks the ball to her/his teammate”| "To share with another"
PASS Collective is a young self-sustained social enterprise Designing Meaningful Goals Through Play with Communities, through two interconnected verticals:

Shining Stars Football Club

Our not-for-profit community skills development program building with girls and boys from marginalised urban communities in Bangalore. On the pitch, SSFC focuses on football excellence through which our children and youth actively practice teamwork, gender equality and professionalism. Off the pitch, our children lead on creatively improving their communities, one step at a time, through teamwork and participatory design. The long term goal of SSFC is for children and youth to shine in opportunities through our Design Studio network, where they are empathetic, skilled and happy. See exercises

Design Studio

We collaborate with value-aligned partners who utilise our user-centred design research, visual communication and service design skills. Our partners are working on neat initiatives in the Development, Education, Sport sectors. The profit from our Studio partnerships internally sustains Shining Stars Football Club. Collaborators include: Big Idea Sports, Goals for Girls, Jaaga Labs & DNA, Karnataka State Football Association.