"To go beyond"| “A success in an examination”| “To move past someone or something that is moving more slowly or in same direction”| “A means by which a barrier may be passed or access to a place may be gained”| “To go from one quality, state or form to another”| “To render a decision or verdict or opinion”| “To go from the control, ownership or possession of one person/group to another”| “To serve as a medium of exchange”| “Move or caused to move in a specified direction”| “To identify oneself or be identified as something”| “To keep possession of the ball between players and to advance up the field.”| “When a player kicks the ball to her/his teammate”| "To share with another"
PASS is a network of believers in sharing the outputs of playful learning and the process of designing meaningful goals. We nurture inclusive development and social equity through creative intelligence.

The Field

Shining Stars Football Club

The skill building program of future creative leaders shining out of poverty and the core of PASS. Shining Stars FC, our co-gender football club, consists of 45 children from marginalised urban communities of Bangalore. On the field, we focus on football excellence and life skills development as a by-product. Off the field, we apply the our football club unity in academic study sessions, developing observation skills and participatory design projects addressing community challenges. The long term goal of PASS is for our children to shine in sport+creative livelihood opportunities where they are empathetic, skilled and find tremendous joy. See exercises

The Stadium

The support system of resources, fans and jobs around The Field that we are further strengthening.

SportsQ is a startup holistically guiding child athletes’ through sports science and technology. We are designing primary user research frameworks and secondary research frameworks to study apps in sports marketplace. The design research spans across 4 Indian cities involving young sportspersons, parents, coaches and experts. From concept note to synthesis, the design process has been participatory with a 15+ member team. Insights from the research are guiding SportsQ’s next steps in brand development.

Jaaga is a learning space dedicated to interdisciplinary collaboration and entrepreneurship. Jaaga is our partner for children’s online football training, design workshops and an interdisciplinary team of mentors. We are leading a design project with 79 co-workers on how play can increase professional collaboration and productivity. Shaona is a user-centred design representative on the Adaptive Leadership Team.

Goals for Girls is a global program using soccer to teach girls leadership skills. We are working with the internal team and key stakeholders to design the annual Goals for Girls Leadership Summit 2018 experience in India.